who are we?

It’s the story of a girl… 

Cape & Crochet’s story is very simple. It is the story of a young mother who wanted to dress her children in clothing that was beautiful and comfortable. Clothing manufactured in France, that would have wonderful tales to tell.

From this determination to offer our children the best was the birth of Cape & Crochet, a collection of totally handmade knitwear, following the purest French handcrafts traditions.

Initially dedicated to children, our collections now include a line of accessories for women and men.

Available as Ready-to-wear and as knitting kits, our items are both chic and offbeat, amazingly comfortable and very trendy. 

Pelotes de laine naturelles et made in France


The thread of the story.

It was a stone’s throw away from our place, in the heart of the Creuse, a region with in-depth textiles know-how, that we located one of the last French family spinning mills still in operation. For over a century, it has been manufacturing yarns of outstanding quality, giving priority to natural fibers from local sources.

Out of all these wonderful yarns, we selected the prettiest materials: ultra-fine merino, alpaca, and other wools. Lightweight wools that are hypoallergenic and non-irritating, with fine fibers that ensure they are wonderfully soft to touch.


Handcrafts stories.

Each item of Cape & Crochet clothing is completely knitted, crocheted and sewn by hand by French knitters with inimitable know-how. Each item is unique and tells the tale of the craftswoman who made it: her years of experience, her specific interpretation of the pattern, and her own style of knitting.

These handcr

afts give our clothing that little bit extra soul, providing unique character that makes them stand out.


Made in France Knitting
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