our philosophy

Our philosophy could be summed up in two words. Three to be correct. Responsible, sustainable AND desirable. Disappointed by a textile industry that disrespect human rights as well as by hexagonal know-how that disappear, we have decided to build a softer alternative. The antithesis of "fast fashion" in some way. As ready-made or knitting kits, our items tell a unique story. The one of the expert (or not so expert) hands that have patiently knitted them.

Cape & Crochet le tricot Made in France


In the same spirit, from the yarn, to the knitting, through the buttons and labels, at Cape & Crochet everything is completely Made in France. Our only concession are the needles. Because of the lack of French manufacturers, we turned to Knit Pro products, acclaimed by knitters worldwide.

Our items are not only unique and ethical, but they are also stylish. As real fashion fans, we have selected the most beautiful materials: ultra fine merino, alpaca, mohair, pure wool ... Transformed in chunky and prodigiously soft yarns. The flashy colours bring even more modernity to our knitwear.

Shocking pink, orange Bollywood, red pepper, electric blue ... Winter will be hot!

Made in France Knitting
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